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New Year, New Smile with Your Cosmetic Dentist in San Antonio, TX

December 12, 2016

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What can my cosmetic dentist in San Antonio, TX do for me?Many people want to better themselves going into 2017, and this typically takes them to the gym. However, one of the best ways to improve your appearance is to give your smile some attention. Your cosmetic dentist in San Antonio, TX at Jones & McKnight DDS can help you start the New Year with a new smile you will be proud to show off.

How Does Cosmetic Dentistry Help?

Your teeth might be perfectly healthy, but that doesn’t mean you like how they look. They may be discolored or chipped, or perhaps you have metal fillings that stick out whenever you talk or laugh. You’d be so much happier with just a few subtle changes, and that is where cosmetic dentistry can help. Its entire focus is to make you feel better about your smile, which can make you feel better about yourself. Dr. Jones and Dr. Knight know a confident smile can do a lot for a person, and they have a variety of ways to help you get one.


A simple fact is that people like white teeth. However, keeping them white over time can be difficult. Factors such as coffee, wine, tobacco, diet, and even genetics can leave your teeth looking dull and discolored.

Teeth-whitening is the easiest way to improve the color of your smile. We can provide you with a custom-made take-home kit so you can whiten your teeth on your own schedule. You just need to use the kit for 2 weeks to make your teeth 6-10 shades whiter. The kits use professional grade products you can only get through Dr. Jones and Dr. Knight, which means you’ll get a better, longer-lasting result than typical store bought kits.

Porcelain Veneers

Do you have broken, discolored, or misaligned teeth? How about large, obvious gaps? You may have all of them, and separate procedures to fix each problem would be expensive and time consuming.

A simpler choice is to get porcelain veneers, which are able to fix and mask all of these cosmetic issues with one procedure. They are custom-designed ceramic coverings that are fitted to the front of your teeth, and you can get them in as little as two visits. They’ll leave your teeth looking spectacular for years to come.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Everyone notices metal fillings because they are such a different color than natural teeth. Whenever your dentist in San Antonio, TX repairs a cavity, he wants the tooth to be healthy and beautiful, and he’s able to do that with tooth-colored fillings. Rather that metal, tooth-colored fillings use a composite resin to fill in your tooth’s lost structure, all the while blending in seamlessly. The resin is also able to bond to your teeth more securely than traditional metal fillings, and requires less of your tooth to be removed. This means you get the best when it comes to look, effectiveness, and durability, all with one treatment.

All-Ceramic Restorations

Ceramic is able to better replicate a tooth’s look and strength than metal, which is why we use it for crowns and bridges. Severely damaged or completely missing teeth can be brought back to life and look like they’ve always been there. The ceramic is also non-porous, making the restorations practically stain-proof. You don’t just get your smile back with ceramic restorations, you get a better one.


Need to straighten your teeth but don’t want to deal with the look and discomfort of metal braces? Invisalign in San Antonio, TX gives you the best of everything when it comes to appearance, effectiveness, and comfort. It uses clear plastic aligner trays to gently and gradually straighten your teeth over time. Only you will notice that you are wearing the aligners because they are nearly invisible. They are also easily removable, so you can eat and clean your teeth just like you always have. You get all of the benefits of braces without any of the drawbacks.

Any Questions?

Most of these treatments can be completed in one or two easy visits and give you dramatic results, all in time for 2017. A new smile can help you get off to a good start for the new year, and all you need to do is visit Jones & McKnight DDS.

If you want your smile to start looking better today, we’re ready to help right now.

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