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Skip DIY Orthodontics and See Your Dentist in San Antonio

September 22, 2017

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Woman pointing at smileDo-it-yourself trends are all the rage right now to make your life easier while saving you money. Although many DIY videos and tutorials are excellent for helping you to complete improvements around the house on your own, they are no substitute for medical or dental treatments. Now, you will find many claims on social media that show you how to effectively move your teeth without a dentist in San Antonio. However, while they may show you the benefits and the end results, rarely will you see the damaging complications of at-home orthodontics. If you want a healthy, straight smile, it is best to leave your treatment to the professionals.

The Future of Cosmetic Dentistry: Invisalign in San Antonio, Texas

January 24, 2017

Are you dreading the thought of showing off a mouthful of metal? Consider Invisalign in San Antonio, TX as a cosmetically friendly orthodontic option.Snapping your headshot for your State Driver’s License normally isn’t something to stress about, but you cringe at the thought of looking down at your I.D. and seeing awkward wires and brackets gleaming in the picture. Thankfully, evolving your smile to the one you deserve doesn’t have to be an embarrassing process whether you’re in your teen years or adult life, especially with the alternatives offered by our well known cosmetic dentists Dr. Troy Jones and Dr. George Knight. Jones & Knight, DDS provides an awesome option for those hoping for a matured, sophisticated approach to correcting their smiles: Invisalign in San Antonio, TX.


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